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U-Cart Concrete 

Available in amounts from 1/4 of a yard to 1-1/2 yard. 

  • U-Cart Concrete is the most affordable way to purchase small amounts of concrete for your projects, even when compared to bagged concrete.

  • Plus, there is no mixing involved! Just get the cart and dump! Don't have a truck to pick it up?

  • We also deliver!

  • Specialty mixes such as CDF or Latex modified are available as well. 

Rentals & Delivery*

Want to rent out our trailers for the day? Want us to deliver materials? We can do that too.

  • Our single axle mixer truck fits well into tight areas regular trucks won't.

  • It holds up to 3.5 cubic yards. For even tighter job sites or low overhead height.

  • Delivery Charges: $4.00 per mile from our location to yours and back. Minimum $50.

*Coverage area is W. Washington, North of I-90 only.


Effective June 2020
Delivery pricing is calculated using the rates below plus mileage charge.

Roto Mixer (5-Sack Mix) MIN 3000 PSI P-gravel mix

1/4 YD


3/8 YD


1/2 YD


5/8 YD


3/4 YD


7/8 YD


1 YD


1-1/8 YD


1-1/4 YD


1-3/8 YD


1-1/2 YD


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Roto Mixer (6-Sack Mix)MIN 3500 PSI P-gravel mix

1/4 YD


3/8 YD


1/2 YD


5/8 YD


3/4 YD


7/8 YD


1 YD


1-1/8 YD


1-1/4 YD


1-3/8 YD


1-1/2 YD


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Quantities over 1-1/2 in a single load are for delivery only. Max U-Cart is 1-1/2 yards

Vehicle & Towing Requirements

2 5/16 Towing ball in receiver hitch and Flat 4 wire electrical connection.

For Loads Up to 1 YD

Half Ton Minimum Tow Vehicle with a 5,000 pound receiver hitch

For Loads 1 YD - 1 1/2 YD

3/4 Ton Minimum Tow Vehicle with a 5,000 pound receiver hitch

For Loads Over 1 1/2 YD

Commercial sized dually vehicle required

Rescheduling or no-show


Extra Time | Pre-Arranged & Scheduled

$35 per hour

Late Return Charge

$75 per hour

Delivery (Calculated Round Trip)

$4.00 per mile

Minimum Delivery Charge


Allowable Delivery Time On-Site

15 Minutes per yard

Delivery Overtime Charge

$25 per 15 Minutes Overtime

Cleaning Fees | Self-Cleaning at Green Dot


Refueling Charge (Per Gallon)


Pre-Arranged Cleaning & Refueling by Green Dot

$35 (up to 1/4 yd of un-used material in trailer)

Un-Used Concrete Returned in Trailer Disposal Fee

$25 per 1/4 yd of Un-Used Concrete

Shop labor and repair rates for damage repair, hardened concrete removal or onsite emergency service

$100.00 per hour

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U-Cart concrete is the middle ground between very small concrete projects (less than 5 cubic feet) and those that may require a full-sized concrete truck (over 4 cubic yards.) 

Traditionally, if you had small patio or hot tub pad to pour in your yard, or a small section of sidewalk to replace, you had a choice of buying dozens and dozens of bags of dry concrete mix from your local home improvement store and then get ready for a weekend of sore shoulders and back. Or you could call up the local concrete company and ask for "short load" and pay a hefty premium to have them come out to your place with a half-filled concrete truck. 

Well Green Dot Concrete's U-Cart is the low-cost and time-saving alternate to both of those options. Green Dot Concrete pre-mixes your concrete in our large mixer and loads up a tow-able trailer for you to take with you. Our trailers are rotating mixing trailers - great for traveling to job sites over 10 miles away. The trailers tilt, making unloading easy on your back!

Here's how it works:

1. Simply call ahead and make an appointment to reserve a trailer.

2. Show up at your appointment with your vehicle (5,000 lb hitch required!)

3. Connect our trailer.

4. Go pour concrete! Standard rental period is 2 hours . 

5. Clean the cart. 

6. Return it back on time. Mixing Trailers are sent out with a full tank of gas and need to come back filled.


See? It's simple!




Carts are limited and demand is extremely high so reservations are required!


For any inquiries, questions or to book your appointment, please call: (425) 418-8343 or fill out the following form


9115 112th Dr. SE

Snohomish, WA 98290

T: (425) 418-8343


Hours: M-Sa, 8a-5p By Reservation Only


To apply for a job with Green Dot Concrete, please send a cover letter together with your resume to: john@greendotconcrete.com

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