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U-Haul Trailers

U-Cart concrete is the middle ground between very small concrete projects (less than 5 cubic feet) and those that may require a full-sized concrete truck (over 4 cubic yards.) 

Traditionally, if you had small patio or hot tub pad to pour in your yard, or a small section of sidewalk to replace, you had a choice of buying dozens and dozens of bags of dry concrete mix from your local home improvement store and then get ready for a weekend of sore shoulders and back. Or you could call up the local concrete company and ask for "short load" and pay a hefty premium to have them come out to your place with a half-filled concrete truck. 

Well Green Dot Concrete's U-Cart is the low-cost and time-saving alternative to both of those options. Green Dot Concrete pre-mixes your concrete in our large mixer and loads up a tow-able trailer for you to take with you. Our trailers are rotating mixing trailers - great for traveling to job sites over 10 miles away. The trailers tilt, making unloading easy on your back!

trailer pic 2.png


  • The $75 trailer fee comes with two hours and fuel for the trailer 

  • Your total cost will be the cost of material per yard, plus the trailer fee

  • There are no additional fees as long as you bring the trailer back clean, on time, return the cover and strap, and without damage

  • You can purchase extra time for $50 per hour


For more pricing and services  

Trailer pick-up and returns


  • Make an appointment by calling our office 

  • Arrive for your appointment on time with the correct hitch (2 5/16), and a vehicle with a high enough towing capacity for the load you are hauling.

  • Half-ton vehicles can haul up to a yard (5,000 lbs. hitch required) 

  • 3/4 ton or larger can haul up to a 1.5yd (barrel capacity)

  • Fill out liability paperwork and pay in the office 

  • Hook up and we will batch you out! 

  • Return within your rental period with the trailer clean and empty

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